Ministry Schedule (SB)

Mass Times

Holy Rosary
Sat 5:00 PM
Sun 8:00 AM &  10:00 AM

Spanish Language Mass 5 p.m. Second Sunday of each Month

St. Bridget
Sat 5:00 PM
Sun 9:00 AM

See the bulletin for daily Mass details




4:00-4:30 PM
Holy Rosary

4:30 - 4:55 PM
St. Bridget

Other times by appointment.


Adoration Schedule

Eucharistic Adoration (HR)
First Sunday of the Month 2-4:00 PM


Holy Rosary Parish strives to be a welcoming faith family that inspires Gospel values lived in the Catholic Tradition.


Holy Rosary Parish strives to be good stewards of God's love in our families and in the greater community. 

Holy Rosary is designated by the letters HR, St. Bridget is designated by the letters SB.

Monday, April 24th

St. Fidelis of Sigmaringen
Communion Service Marian • 7:15am
Bible Study -PC Library • 9:30am - 10:30am
Tuesday, April 25th

St. Mark the Evangelist
Mass - Marian • 6:00pm - 7:00pm
Catholicism • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Wednesday, April 26th

Mass -PC Chapel • 9:00am - 10:00am
K-5 Catechist Mtg. • 4:00pm - 5:00pm
Mass - Marian Residence • 6:00pm - 7:00pm
6-10 Catechist Mtg. • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
6-12 Youth Group • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Thursday, April 27th

Mass at Marian • 7:15am
HR Office Staff Meeting • 10:00am - 11:00am
RCIA -PC Chapel/Library • 7:00pm - 8:00pm
Friday, April 28th

St. Peter Chanel
St. Louis Marie de Montfort

Confirmation 2017

Fifteen youth and two adults were Confirmed by Bishop Hanefeldt on Sunday, April 2nd at the 10:00am Mass.

Front row, L to R: Noreen Placek, Director of Religious Education, Braden Seilder, Sydney Nordeen, Anna Manning, Bishop Joseph Hanefeldt, Josie Otto, Jaiden Brown, Madison Folchert, Christina Rodriquez, Boone Manion, Callan Ackerman, catechist, Fr. Roy Pasala, Back row, Fr. Tim Stoner, Savannah Sample, Olyvia Wenzel, Nathan Lauder, Lane Applegarth, McKenzie Engelhaupt, Nathaniel Jensen, Dylan Horton, KayLee McDonald, and Ulises Gallegos.







2016 Graduating Class

Bottom row (L to R) Madison Hiemstra, Victoria Redecker, Kelsey Adamson, Molly Oligmueller, Maggie Otto, Middle row: Nicole Placek, Ashley Giger, Morgan Johnston, Cayla Tritle, Karli Farritor Top row: Anthony Hare, Tristan Heldebrand, Klayton Nordeen, Cole Randall, Jose Vazquez

Trip to NCYC

Nine students and three sponsors set off on a very windy Wednesday afternoon for the National Youth Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  They will travel on a bus for 21 hours picking up passengers from our diocese and finally arriving on Thursday afternoon in Indianapolis.  The conference is the largest gathering of Catholic youth in the country.  Our 9 students will be part of over 24,000 students and sponsors partaking in Mass, keynote speakers, breakout sessions, service opportunities, and concerts. 
These students worked hard to make the trip happen by having fund raisers.  They earned enough money to pay for their way, which included the registration fee, transportation, and hotel.  They even had enough money to pay for their meals for the trip.
Holy Rosary would like to acknowledge and thank the three sponsors who took time off from their jobs to be the sponsors for the group and they are, Anita Olvera, James Girard, and Ralph Yeager.  They wanted to be with the youth on this incredible, life changing, journey.

Stewardship Council Active at Holy Rosary

The Stewardship Council has been busy with this year's Stewardship Renewal.  The theme of "We Are God's Hands" was chosen.  The idea of a banner with the congregation holding out their hands was discussed and with the generous donation from Just Shoot Me Photographics, it became a reality.  The idea of stewardship was started with a Stewardship Prayer being read for about a month before we conducted the renewal weekends.  A witness talk was given by Larry Snyder at all of the masses and the Here I Am Booklets were positioned in the pews for people to see all the areas of ministry that require volunteers to be successful.  The following Sunday the Time, Talent, and Treasure brochures were put in the pews for people to fill out at the beginning of Mass and brought up at the time of the offering.  The Time, Talent and Treasure brochures were tabulated and reports were created for each ministry.  The reports were mailed to each of the heads of the ministry to contact any new people who were interested in the ministry and provide training so as to get them involved.

      These are pictures of the Stewardship Council members (Roger Applegarth and Dale Collins) hanging the "We Are God's Hands" banner in the church with the help of Gretchen Rischling.

Holy Rosary Missions Projects

The missions collection means more than just Haiti.  Yes, they are distributed on the international level such as Haiti, but we also give to reputable national organizations ( that help the needy, as pictured below.  At the local levels, we help with immediate needs found in the community.  One example is the green wheelbarrow at the church entrance.  The contents are given weekly to the "Just Neighbors" organization.  Your generosity reaches many avenues for the needy.  Please click on the link to see the certificate of appreciation the parish has received.

  Missions Collection

Holy Rosary has a Faith Formation Website!

Holy Rosary Faith Formation program is excited to announce the launch of a new website dedicated to parents and children of our faith formation program.  We are here to help parents educate their children in the ways of the Catholic Church.  Please check out the link and if you have any suggestions, please contact the faith formation office at 762-2830.

Holy Rosary on Twitter!

Holy Rosary is now on Twitter.  Please follow us at HolyRosaryAllia.

Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults

We will begin RCIA sessions the second Thursday in September.  Are you seeking a deeper relationship with God?  Do you wish to learn more about the Catholic Church?  Do you wish to become Catholic?  Contact Ellen at the parish center for more information.

Minute Meditations

  • The support of friends, especially in times of crisis, is vital to helping us through the emotions that flood and fuel our hearts. They will help us see clearly enough to move through mourning, provide lighter moments, too, especially if we might seem to teeter on the edge of truly losing hope. They will be the personification of God’s unconditional love and help us find even...

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