August 18-19 and 25-26 are our Stewardship Renewal weekends.  This year our theme is Growing our faith through prayer, service, and generosity.  Our first weekend we will have a witness talk given by Kory Koralewski who is the Stewardship and Development Director of our diocese.  Parishioners will be given a leaf to write on how they want to grow in their faith through stewardship.  Also a new and improved Here I Am booklet will be available for all parishioners to take home.  This booklet highlights most of the ministries available in the parish and the person who is the head of that ministry.  Please take time to browse this booklet to see how you can share your time and talents.

August 25th and 26th will be our survey weekend.  It was formally known as the time, talent, treasure survey.  We have changed the name to reflect our theme and more accurately explain what actions reflect stewardship.  We will compile the information gathered in survey a couple of weeks following the survey weekend.  The ministry heads will be contacted with the list of people who signed up for that particular ministry.  They are to contact any new people who are on their list and explain how they can get involved.  There are a few ministries that are on a needs basis, i.e. babysitting for programs.  If there is a need, we will contact the people who signed up for that ministry.  Also on this second weekend of Stewardship, we will display the tree with all of the leaves from the previous weekend.