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Tuesday, October 21st

Full day of school
Wednesday, October 22nd

Full day of school
Thursday, October 23rd

Red Ribbon Week begins
Full day of school
St. John of Capistrano
Friday, October 24th

Full day of school
End of 1st Qrt.
St. Anthony Mary Claret
Saturday, October 25th


 Peg Sundberg also known

as “Cowboy Peg” came to  visit

St. Agnes on  Thursday,

September 25, 2014.


The kids enjoyed learning about how this

author gets ideas for and writes her books.  

The kids even got to meet one of the

“Cowboy Peg” dogs from her stories.


 Peg did not charge us for coming to visit

so a big thank you to those that purchased

her books to help fund Peg coming to

St. Agnes. 


Below is a link to her page if you missed out

on ordering a book you wanted.

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