2015-2016 Calendar

Saturday, February 6th

St. Paul Miki and Companions
Sunday, February 7th

Monday, February 8th

St. Josephine Bakhita
St. Jerome Emiliani
Tuesday, February 9th

Wednesday, February 10th

St. Scholastica

Even though the holiday season is over


 you can still purchase scrip for your


everyday purchases.  You have to buy


groceries, gas, and all those everyday


needs. Why not help the school out while


you do it.  


When planning your shopping

 plan ahead and 

purchase scrip from St. Agnes.


St. Agnes gets a percentage back for all

scrip purchases. This is a major source

of financial assistance to our school so if

you can help out it would be



You DO NOT have to

belong to our school or parish to purchase scrip.


The scrip, listed below, is what Jane keeps on hand.

She has many others, or can get them,

if you give her a call.

She is willing to help in any way!


 We would like to invite you to support St. Agnes Academy by simply purchasing SCRIP.  Remember that it is cash for cash.  Below you will find a list of SCRIP we try to keep on hand. You may purchase SCRIP in the School office when we are in session and the Parish Office during vacation hours.   If there is something you would like and you do not find it on this list we may have it on our master list. When ordering from our master list please anticipate approximately one week for the order to arrive.



  pdf Scrip Master List 1115 (107 KB)


pdf Scrip on hand (111 KB)document
(29 KB)

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